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  • moskeneer — ˌmäskəˈniə transitive verb ( ed/ ing/ s) Etymology: Yiddish mashken pledge, pawn (from Hebrew mashkōn) + English eer (as in profiteer, v.) Britain : to pawn for more than the value of the article …   Useful english dictionary

  • moscow — /ˈmɒskoʊ/ (say moskoh) Colloquial –noun 1. Obsolete a pawnshop. –verb (t) 2. to pawn. –phrase 3. gone to (or in) Moscow, in pawn. {shortened form of British slang moskeneer, from Yiddish mishk …   Australian English dictionary

  • mosker — I. ˈmäskə(r) intransitive verb ( ed/ ing/ s) Etymology: origin unknown dialect chiefly England : decay, molder II. ˈmäskə(r noun ( …   Useful english dictionary

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