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  • Aphthartodocetae — (translated from the Greek aphthorá as the Incorruptibles ) were members of a 6th century Monophysite sect. Their leader Julian, Bishop of Halicarnassus taught that Christ s body was always incorruptible. This was in disagreement with another… …   Wikipedia

  • aphthartodocetae — afˌthärd.ōdōˈsēd.e, apˌth , sē(ˌ)tē noun plural Usage: usually capitalized Etymology: New Latin, plural, from Late Greek aphthartodokētai, plural of aphthartodokētēs, from Greek aphthartos incorruptible (from a a (II) + phthartos destructible,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • phthartolatrae — thärˈtälə.ˌtrē noun plural Usage: usually capitalized Etymology: New Latin, from Late Greek phthartolatrai, plural of phthartolatrēs worshiper of the corruptible, from Greek phthartos destructible + latrēs later more at aphthartodocetae :… …   Useful english dictionary

  • John Scholasticus — (died August 31, 577) was the 32nd patriarch of Constantinople from April 12, 565 until his death in 577. He is also regarded as a saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church.He was born at Sirimis, in the region of Cynegia, near Antioch. There was a… …   Wikipedia

  • Patriarch Eutychius of Constantinople — Eutychius (c.512 5 April 582), considered a saint in the Catholic and Orthodox Christian traditions, was the Patriarch of Constantinople from (552 565, and 577 582). His feast is kept by the Byzantine Church on 6 April, and he is mentioned in the …   Wikipedia

  • Severus of Antioch — Severus, Patriarch of Antioch (AD 512 518), born approximately 465 in Sozopolis in Pisidia, was by birth and education a pagan, who was baptized in the martyrium of Leontius at Tripolis (Evagr. H. E. iii. 33; Philippe Labbe, v. 40, 120). He… …   Wikipedia

  • Anastasius the Sinaite — Infobox Patriarch name=Anastasius the Sinaite patriarch of= church=Eastern Orthodox Church see=Antioch birth name= enthroned=561, 594 ended=571, 599 predecessor=Domnus III of Antioch, Gregory of Antioch successor=Gregory of Antioch, Anastasius II …   Wikipedia

  • Monophysites and Monophysitism — • Rejected the dual nature of Christ. Rejected by the Council of Chalcedon (451) Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Monophysites and Monophysitism     Monophysites and Monophysitism …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • aphthartodocetism — sēd.ˌizəm, ēˌtiz noun ( s) Usage: usually capitalized : the doctrines of the Aphthartodocetae …   Useful english dictionary

  • aphthartodocetist — sēd.ə̇st noun ( s) Usage: usually capitalized : a member of the Aphthartodocetae …   Useful english dictionary

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