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  • Anti-Jacobin — The Anti Jacobin The Friend of Humanity and the Knife Grinder (1797), caricature de James Gillray publiée dans The Anti Jacobin. The Anti Jacobin, or Weekly Examiner est un hebdomadaire créé à Londres par George Canning en 1797. William Gifford… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Anti-Jacobin — [ James Gillray s caricature The Friend of Humanity and the Knife Grinder (1797) publicized the Anti Jacobin .] The Anti Jacobin, or, Weekly Examiner was a newspaper founded by George Canning in 1797. William Gifford was its editor. Its first… …   Wikipedia

  • anti-jacobin — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Anti-Jacobin Review — Langue Anglais Fondateur John Gifford Date de fondation 1798 James Gillray …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Anti-Jacobin Review — The Anti Jacobin Review and Magazine, or, Monthly Political and Literary Censor (1798 to 1821), a conservative British political periodical, was founded by John Gifford [pseud. of John Richards Green] (1758–1818) after the demise of William… …   Wikipedia

  • The Anti-Jacobin — Fondateur George Canning Date de fondation 1797 The Friend of Humanity and the Knife Grinder (1797), caricature de …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Jacobin novel — Jacobin novels were written between 1780 and 1805 by British radicals who supported the ideals of the French revolution. The term was coined by literary scholar Gary Kelly in The English Jacobin Novel 1780 1805 (1976) but drawn from the title of… …   Wikipedia

  • Jacobin (politics) — This page describes the political term Jacobin. For discussion of the political organization of the French Revolution era, see Jacobin Club. Jacobinism is unrelated to Jacobitism or the English Jacobean period. In the context of the French… …   Wikipedia

  • anti-jacobinism — noun see anti jacobin …   Useful english dictionary

  • Anti-clericalism — is a historical movement that opposes religious (generally Catholic) institutional power and influence, real or alleged, [Encyclopædia Britannica, Anticlericalism (2007 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.)] in all aspects of public and political life,… …   Wikipedia

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