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  • kreplach — (izg. krȅplah) m DEFINICIJA kulin. krepka juha u koju su ukuhani »jastučići« ispunjeni mljevenim mesom i začinima; židovski specijalitet ETIMOLOGIJA jidiš …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • kreplach — ☆ kreplach [krep′läkh΄ ] pl.n. [Yiddish kreplech, pl. of krepel < MHG (dial.) kreppel, var. of krepfel, dim. of krapfe, fritter < OHG krapfo, lit., a hook: for IE base see CRADLE] small casings of dough filled with ground meat or cheese,… …   English World dictionary

  • Kreplach — Meat filled kreplach in a clear soup Kreplach (from Yiddish: קרעפּלעך kreplekh, קרעפפּל krepl neut. sg.) are small dumplings filled with ground meat, mashed potatoes or another filling, usually boiled and served in chicken soup …   Wikipedia

  • Kreplach — Unos Kreplach fritos antes de sser servidos. Los Kreplach son pequeños fideos o pasta rellena que tiene en su interior carne picada, puré de patata u otro relleno, generalmente se cuecen y se sirven en un caldo de gallina. Es muy similar a los… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Kreplach — Selbst gemachte Kreplach Kreplach (von jiddisch kreplech, Plural von krepel; zu mitteldeutsch Kräppel, „Krapfen“[1]; auch: Kräppchen[2]) sind mit einer Leberfarce oder z. B. auch …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • kreplach — noun Etymology: Yiddish kreplekh, plural of krepl filled dumpling Date: circa 1892 square or triangular dumplings filled with ground meat or cheese, boiled or fried, and usually served in soup …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • kreplach — /krep leuhkh, lahkh/, n. (used with a sing. or pl. v.) Jewish Cookery. turnovers or pockets of noodle dough filled with any of several mixtures, as kasha or chopped chicken livers, usually boiled, and served in soup. Also, kreplech /krep leuhkh/ …   Universalium

  • kreplach — noun Small dumplings, filled with meat or cheese and served usually in soup …   Wiktionary

  • Kreplach — Krẹp|lach, der; [s], [jidd., Pl. von: krep(e)l = Krapfen, ↑Kräppel] (landsch.): dreieckige, mit Hackfleisch od. Käse gefüllte Teigtasche (in der Suppe od. als Beilage) …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Kreplach — Krep|lach der; [s], <aus dem Jidd.> dreieckige, mit Gehacktem od. Käse gefüllte Teigtasche (in der Suppe od. als Beilage) …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

  • kreplach — n. filled noodle pocket or ball of dough that is served in soup (Jewish Cooking) …   English contemporary dictionary

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