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  • infangthief — noun /ˈɪnfæŋθiːf/ the right of a lord to punish a thief caught within the bounds of his property The wrought iron gates (infangthief and outfangthief in heavy balls on the gate posts) were open for their hard breathing entry. See Also:… …   Wiktionary

  • infangthief — ˈinfəŋˌthēf noun Etymology: Middle English infangenthef, infangthef, from Old English infangenethēof, infangenthēof, from in, inn in + fangen (past participle of fōn to seize, capture) + thēof thief more at in, pact, thief : a medieval franchise… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Infangthief and outfangthief — (also spelled infangtheof and outfangtheof) were privileges originally granted to landowners in Anglo Saxon law. With the granting of these privileges by the Crown, they were able to execute summary justice on thieves within the borders of their… …   Wikipedia

  • Moot hill — A moot hill or mons placiti (statute hill)[1] is a hill or mound historically used as an assembly or meeting place. In early medieval Britain, such hills were used for moots , meetings of local people to settle local business. Among other things …   Wikipedia

  • outfangthief — noun /ˈaʊtfaŋθiːf/ The right of a lord to pursue a thief outside the lords own jurisdiction and bring him back within his jurisdiction to be punished. But feudalism also contained another principle, and that was, that within his own territory… …   Wiktionary

  • infang — noun ( s) Etymology: by shortening obsolete : infangthief …   Useful english dictionary

  • outfangthief — ˈau̇tfəŋˌthēf noun Etymology: Middle English outfangenthef, outfangthef, from Old English ūtfangenethēof, from ūt out + fangen (past participle of fōn to seize, capture) + thēof thief more at out, pact, thief : the right of a lord under medieval… …   Useful english dictionary

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