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  • Ijolite — (derived from the first syllable of the Finnish words Ii vaara, Iijoki, c., common as geographical names in Finland, and the Gr. Xiflos, a stone), is an igneous rock consisting essentially of nepheline and augite. Ijolite is a rare rock type of… …   Wikipedia

  • ijolite — ▪ rock       intrusive igneous rock that is composed essentially of nepheline and an alkali pyroxene, usually aegirine augite. It is the plutonic equivalent of the volcanic nephelinites. Typically, the pyroxene is well crystallized and is… …   Universalium

  • ijolite — ˈē(y)əˌlīt, ˈiyəˌ noun ( s) Etymology: Swedish Ijo, river and village in Finland + English lite : a granular igneous rock consisting chiefly of nephelite and augite typically with calcite, apatite, and titanite accessories …   Useful english dictionary

  • SYÉNITES ET SYÉNITES NÉPHÉLINIQUES — Le mot «syénite» désignait, du temps de Pline, les roches de Syène (Assouan), en Haute Égypte. Il fut appliqué par A. G. Werner (1788) à des roches à amphibole (hornblende) de la région de Dresde, qui se sont révélées plus tard pratiquement… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Calcium-aluminium-rich inclusion — A calcium aluminium rich inclusion or Ca Al rich inclusion (CAI) is a centimeter sized light colored calcium and aluminium rich inclusion found in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites. CAIs consist of minerals that are among the first solids… …   Wikipedia

  • List of rock types — This page is intended as a list of all rock types. NOTOC A : Amphibolite: Andesite: Anorthosite : Anthracite: Aplite: Argillite: Arkose B : Banded iron formation: Basalt: Basanite: Blueschist: Boninite: Breccia C : Carbonatite: Cataclasite: Chalk …   Wikipedia

  • Ichthyostega — Taxobox name = Ichthyostega fossil range = Fossil range|367|362.5 Famennian (Late Devonian) image width = 250px image caption = Life restoration of Ichthyostega after Ahlberg, 2005. regnum = Animalia phylum = Chordata superclassis = Tetrapoda… …   Wikipedia

  • Carbonatite — Carbonatites (pronEng|kɑrˈbɒnətaɪt) are intrusive or extrusive igneous rocks defined by mineralogy that comprises more than 50 volume % carbonate minerals. Carbonatites may be confused with marble, and may require geochemical… …   Wikipedia

  • Effective temperature — Star The effective temperature of a star is the temperature of a black body with the same luminosity per surface area (mathcal{F} {Bol}) as the star and is defined according to the Stefan–Boltzmann law mathcal{F} {Bol}=sigma T {eff}^4. Notice… …   Wikipedia

  • Borolanite — is one of the most remarkable rocks of the British Isles, found on the shores of Loch Borolan in Sutherland shire, after which it has been named. In this locality there is a considerable area of granite rich in red alkali feldspar, and passing,… …   Wikipedia

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