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  • ideaed — adjective also idea d pronunc at idea+d : having a specified kind of idea or a specified number of ideas a one ideaed man eager bright ideaed students : characterized by ideas alert ideaed men are priceless treasures …   Useful english dictionary

  • one-ideaed — adjective or one idea d |wəˌnī|dēəd : having or possessed by only one idea her one ideaed peasant mind was as inaccessible as a closed iron safe Joseph Conrad sneered at him as a one ideaed abolitionist David Donald …   Useful english dictionary

  • fanatical — I (Roget s IV) modif. Syn. fanatic, zealous, obsessed, impassioned, passionate, rabid, extreme, extremist, bigoted, devoted, feverish, prejudiced, biased, radical, militant, immoderate, partisan, obstinate, headstrong, burning, fiery, fervent,… …   English dictionary for students

  • unideaed — un·ideaed …   English syllables

  • idea — n. 1 a conception or plan formed by mental effort (have you any ideas?; had the idea of writing a book). 2 a a mental impression or notion; a concept. b a vague belief or fancy (had an idea you were married; had no idea where you were). 3 an… …   Useful english dictionary

  • idea'd — adjective see ideaed …   Useful english dictionary

  • one-idea'd — adjective see one ideaed * * * oneˈ ideˈa d adjective Entirely possessed by one idea • • • Main Entry: ↑one …   Useful english dictionary

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