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  • hidation — noun /hɪˈdeɪʃən/lang=en Division (of a larger territory, such as a shire or hundred) into hides See Also: hidate …   Wiktionary

  • hidation — hīˈdāshən noun ( s) Etymology: New Latin hidatus + English ion : a measuring in or assessing by hides …   Useful english dictionary

  • Lathe (county subdivision) — A lathe (Old English lǽð , Latin lestus ) formed an administrative country subdivision of the county of Kent, in England, from the Anglo Saxon period until it fell entirely out of use in the early twentieth century.There exists a widespread… …   Wikipedia

  • History of Kent — Kent is a county in South East England with a long history of human occupation.Prehistoric KentKent has been occupied since the Lower Palaeolithic as finds from the quarries at Swanscombe attest. During the Neolithic the Medway megaliths were… …   Wikipedia

  • Hide (unit) — The hide was a unit used in assessing land for liability to geld , or land tax, in Anglo Saxon England from the 7th to the 11th centuries. It continued in use for some time after the Norman Conquest. A hide was made up of 4 virgates. The geld… …   Wikipedia

  • Burghal Hidage — The Burghal Hidage is an Anglo Saxon document providing a list of Wessex s fortified burhs. It offers an unusually detailed picture of the network of burhs that Alfred the Great designed to defend his kingdom from the predations of Viking… …   Wikipedia

  • hidate — verb a) To divide (a region, such as a shire or hundred) into hides. In general, the newly won districts were reckoned in carucates, while the older English territory was hidated. b) To assess the geld of (a place, such as a manor or borough) in… …   Wiktionary

  • Lathe (Kent) — Lathe (Altenglisch lǽð, Lateinisch lestus) ist die Bezeichnung für eine regionale Untereinheit der Grafschaft Kent, wie sie bereits zur Zeit Angelsachsen bestand. Erst im frühen 20. Jahrhundert kam der Begriff außer Gebrauch. Es gibt die… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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