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  • frumple — To get angry. Paticulairely at people who don t get the point, or try to get in your way on purpose. Even after I explained the joke to her, she didn t get it. It makes me frumple when people are that dense …   Dictionary of american slang

  • frumple — ˈfru̇mpəl, ˈfrəm transitive verb ( ed/ ing/ s) Etymology: Middle English fromplen, from Middle Dutch verrompelen, from ver for (akin to Old High German fir ) + rompelen to wrinkle more at rumple dialect Britain : wrinkle, crumple …   Useful english dictionary

  • Another Fine Myth — is a 1978 novel written by Robert Lynn Asprin, and is the first book in the Myth Adventures series.Plot SynopsisSkeeve is a magician s apprentice and wannabe thief on the backwater dimension of Klah. At the beginning of the story Skeeve s master …   Wikipedia

  • Frump — Frump, v. t. [Cf. Prov. E. frumple to wrinkle, ruffle, D. frommelen.] To insult; to flout; to mock; to snub. [Obs.] Beau. & Fl. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • frump — noun Etymology: probably from frumple to wrinkle Date: 1817 1. a dowdy unattractive girl or woman 2. a staid, drab, old fashioned person …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • frump — [frʌmp] n [Date: 1500 1600; Origin: Probably from frumple to crush in folds (14 19 centuries), from Middle Dutch verrompelen] a woman who is frumpy …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • frump — cross, unstylish person 1817, perhaps from frumple (v.) to wrinkle (late 14c.), from M.Du. verrompelen to wrinkle (see FRUMPY (Cf. frumpy)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • frumpy — 1746, cross tempered, from frump (n.) bad temper (1660s) and an earlier verb meaning to mock, browbeat (1550s), of obscure origin, perhaps imitative of a sneer or derisive snort. Sense of sour looking, unfashionable is from 1825, but this may be… …   Etymology dictionary

  • frump — noun an unattractive woman who wears dowdy old fashioned clothes. Derivatives frumpily adverb frumpiness noun frumpish adjective frumpishly adverb frumpy adjective (frumpier, frumpiest) …   English new terms dictionary

  • frump — n. a dowdy unattractive old fashioned woman. Derivatives: frumpish adj. frumpishly adv. Etymology: 16th c.: perh. f. dial. frumple (v.) wrinkle f. MDu. verrompelen (as FOR , RUMPLE) …   Useful english dictionary

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