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  • Exocannibalism — (from Greek Exo , from outside and Cannibalism, to eat humans ), as opposed to endocannibalism, is the practice of eating human corpses, most notably their flesh and some organs such as the heart, from people outside one s own community, tribe or …   Wikipedia

  • exocannibalism — noun A form of cannibalism, the eating of members of other social groups than ones own, as opposed to endocannibalism …   Wiktionary

  • exocannibalism — “+ noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary exo + cannibalism; originally formed as German exokannibalismus : cannibalism of persons from outside one s family or tribe contrasted with endocannibalism …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cannibalism — For non human cannibalism, see Cannibalism (zoology). For other uses, see Cannibal (disambiguation). Cannibalism, Brazil. Engraving by Theodor de Bry for Hans Staden s account of his 1557 captivity …   Wikipedia

  • Wari' — The Waricaca , also known as the Pakaa Nova, are an Amerindian nation indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. They are native to the state of Rondônia, Brazil and were first seen by European settlers at the shores of the river Pakaa Nova, which is a …   Wikipedia

  • Endocannibalism — (from Greek Endo internal or from within and cannibalism) is the term which describes the practice of eating dead members of one s own culture, tribe or social group. The practice may have a variety of purposes, including an attempt to absorb the …   Wikipedia

  • List of belief systems — Below are words that designate a set or subset of beliefs. This includes dispositional beliefs.Many, but not all, of these words end with the suffix –ism . Words like magnetism , prism , and schism , are not included, because they do not… …   Wikipedia

  • exocannibal — noun One who practises exocannibalism …   Wiktionary

  • endocannibalism — “+ noun Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary end + cannibalism; originally formed as German endokannibalismus : cannibalism of members of one s own family or tribe contrasted with exocannibalism …   Useful english dictionary

  • ex|oph|a|gy — «ehk SOF uh jee», noun. the custom of eating the flesh of persons, but only of those belonging to other tribes; exocannibalism. ╂[< exo + Greek phageîn eat + English y 3] …   Useful english dictionary

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