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  • Death 鈥 (d[e^]th), n. [OE. deth, dea[eth], AS. de[ a][eth]; akin to OS. d[=o][eth], D. dood, G. tod, Icel. dau[eth]i, Sw. & Dan. d[ o]d, Goth. dau[thorn]us; from a verb meaning to die. See {Die}, v. i., and cf. {Dead}.] 1. The cessation of all vital… 鈥   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • death 鈥 n: a permanent cessation of all vital bodily functions: the end of life see also brain death, civil death 鈼 Death is usu. defined by statute and for purposes of criminal homicide has been held to include brain death. Merriam Webster鈥檚 Dictionary… 鈥   Law dictionary

  • death 鈥 W1S1 [de胃] n [: Old English;] 1.) a) [U] the end of the life of a person or animal 鈮 鈫慴irth death of 鈻 The death of his mother came as a tremendous shock. 鈻 Cancer is the leading cause of death in women. 鈻 How Danielle 鈥   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Death 鈥 Saltar a navegaci贸n, b煤squeda Para otros usos de este t茅rmino, v茅ase Death (desambiguaci贸n). Death Informaci贸n personal Origen Tampa, Florida, Estados Unidos 鈥   Wikipedia Espa帽ol

  • death 鈥 [ de胃 ] noun *** 1. ) count or uncount the state of being dead: It was clear that Sandra was very close to death. bleed/starve/burn etc. to death: These people will starve to death unless they receive help soon. stab/kick/beat etc. someone to… 鈥   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • Death Jr. 鈥 Death Jr. Developer(s) Backbone Entertainment Publisher(s) Konami Platform(s 鈥   Wikipedia

  • death 鈥 鈻 NOUN 1) the action or fact of dying. 2) an instance of a person or an animal dying. 3) the state of being dead. 4) the end of something. 鈼 at death s door Cf. 鈫慳t death s door 鈼 鈥   English terms dictionary

  • death 鈥 [deth] n. [ME deth < OE d膿ath, akin to OS d艒th, OHG t艒d, ON dauthi: see DEAD] 1. the act or fact of dying; permanent ending of all life in a person, animal, or plant 2. [D ] the personification of death, usually pictured as a skeleton in a… 鈥   English World dictionary

  • Death SS 鈥 Surnom In Death of Steve Sylvester Pays d鈥檕rigine  Italie Genre musical Heavy Metal Metal Industriel Ann茅es 鈥   Wikip茅dia en Fran莽ais

  • death 鈥 O.E. dea冒 death, dying, cause of death, in plura, ghosts, from P.Gmc. *dauthaz (Cf. O.S. doth, O.Fris. dath, Du. dood, O.H.G. tod, Ger. Tod, O.N. dau冒i, Dan. d猫d, Swed. d枚d, Goth. dau镁as death ), from verbal stem 鈥   Etymology dictionary

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