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  • cancellable — A regulated consumer credit agreement maybe cancellable under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 where negotiation before the transaction took place face to face with the customer and the agreement is signed by the customer off trade premises. Special… …   Law dictionary

  • cancellable — adjective Which can be cancelled. This commitment is not cancellable …   Wiktionary

  • cancellable — adj. able to be nullified, voidable (also cancellable) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cancellable — adjective see cancel I …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cancellable — adjective see cancelable …   Useful english dictionary

  • non-cancellable — /nɒn ˈkænsələbəl/ (say non kansuhluhbuhl) adjective not cancellable …   Australian English dictionary

  • non-cancellable — /non kasnsalabal/ Such provision in insurance policy precludes insurer from cancelling policy after an illness or accident, so long as the premium has been paid. Dudgeon v. Mutual Ben. Health & Accident Ass n, C.C.A.W.Va., 70 F.2d 49, 52 …   Black's law dictionary

  • Breidbart Index — The Breidbart Index, developed by Seth Breidbart [Breidbart s initial post suggesting the square root rule is at] , provides a measure of severity of newsgroup spam …   Wikipedia

  • lease — 1 / lēs/ n [Anglo French les, from lesser to grant by lease, from Old French laisser to let go, from Latin laxare to loosen, from laxus slack] 1 a: a contract by which an owner of property conveys exclusive possession, control, use, or enjoyment… …   Law dictionary

  • Linear map — In mathematics, a linear map, linear mapping, linear transformation, or linear operator (in some contexts also called linear function) is a function between two vector spaces that preserves the operations of vector addition and scalar… …   Wikipedia

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