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  • acinar — adjective Date: 1936 of, relating to, or comprising an acinus < pancreatic acinar cells > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • acinar — Pertaining to the acinus. SYN: acinic. * * * ac·i·nar as ə nər, .när adj of, relating to, or comprising an acinus <pancreatic acinar cells> * * * ac·i·nar (asґĭ nər) pertaining to or affecting one or more acini …   Medical dictionary

  • acinar — ac·i·nar (ăsʹĭ nər, när ) adj. Of or relating to an acinus. * * * …   Universalium

  • acinar — adjective Of, pertaining to, or located in an acinus …   Wiktionary

  • acinar — adjective 1. pertaining to one of the small sacs (as in a compound gland) • Syn: ↑acinous, ↑acinose, ↑acinic • Pertains to noun: ↑acinus (for: ↑acinic), ↑acinus ( …   Useful english dictionary

  • Acinar cell — can refer to: * Centroacinar cells of the pancreas * Other acinus cells …   Wikipedia

  • acinar carcinoma — acinic cell carcinoma, acinous carcinoma a slow growing malignant tumor characterized by acinic cells arranged in small glandlike structures, usually occurring in the pancreas or salivary glands, particularly in females. Called also acinar,… …   Medical dictionary

  • acinar cell tumor — acinic cell tumor acinar carcinoma; see under carcinoma …   Medical dictionary

  • acinar cells — Epithelial secretory cells arranged as a ball of cells around the lumen of a gland (as in the pancreas) …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • acinar adenocarcinoma — 1. see under carcinoma. 2. the most common neoplasm of the prostate, usually arising in the peripheral acini. Histological abnormalities of the acini may include size distortions ranging from giant to tiny, irregular architectural arrangements,… …   Medical dictionary

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