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  • spinothalamic — spi·no·tha·lam·ic .spī nō thə lam ik adj of, relating to, comprising, or associated with the spinothalamic tracts <the spinothalamic system> * * * spi·no·tha·lam·ic (spi″no thə lamґik) pertaining to or extending between the… …   Medical dictionary

  • spinothalamic — adjective relating to, or connecting the spinal cord and the thalamus …   Wiktionary

  • spinothalamic — “+ adjective Etymology: spin + thalamic : connecting the spinal cord and thalamus; also : involving or affecting nerve fiber tracts connecting these parts …   Useful english dictionary

  • spinothalamic tract — n any of four tracts of nerve fibers of the spinal cord that are arranged in pairs with one member of a pair on each side and that ascend to the thalamus by way of the brain stem: a) one on each side of the anterior median fissure that carries… …   Medical dictionary

  • Spinothalamic tract — Infobox Brain Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = 185 GrayPage = 760 Caption = Spinothalamic tract is 5, in blue at right. Caption2 = Diagram of the principal fasciculi of the spinal cord. (Anterior and posterior spinothalamic fasciculus is… …   Wikipedia

  • spinothalamic fibers — fibrae spinothalamicae …   Medical dictionary

  • spinothalamic tract anterior — tractus spinothalamicus anterior …   Medical dictionary

  • spinothalamic tract lateral — tractus spinothalamicus lateralis …   Medical dictionary

  • spinothalamic tract ventral — tractus spinothalamicus anterior …   Medical dictionary

  • Lateral spinothalamic tract — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = tractus spinothalamicus lateralis GraySubject = 185 GrayPage = 762 Caption = Lateral spinothalamic tract is 5a, in blue at right center. Caption2 = Diagram of the principal fasciculi of the spinal cord.… …   Wikipedia

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