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  • somatosensory — 1952, from comb. form of Gk. soma (gen. somatos) body” + SENSORY (Cf. sensory) …   Etymology dictionary

  • somatosensory — adjective Date: 1952 of, relating to, or being sensory activity having its origin elsewhere than in the special sense organs (as eyes and ears) and conveying information about the state of the body proper and its immediate environment; also… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • somatosensory — Sensation relating to the body s superficial and deep parts as contrasted to specialized senses such as sight. * * * so·ma·to·sen·so·ry sō .mat ə sen(t)s (ə )rē, .sō mət ə adj of, relating to, or being sensory activity having its origin elsewhere …   Medical dictionary

  • somatosensory — adj. of or pertaining to the perception of sensory stimuli from the skin and internal organs: the somatosensory area of the cerebral cortex …   English contemporary dictionary

  • somatosensory — /seuh mat euh sen seuh ree, soh meuh teuh /, adj. of or pertaining to sensations that involve parts of the body not associated with the primary sense organs. [1950 55; SOMATO + SENSORY] * * * …   Universalium

  • somatosensory — adjective Of or pertaining to the perception of sensory stimuli produced by the skin or internal organs See Also: somatosense …   Wiktionary

  • somatosensory — adjective Physiology relating to or denoting a sensation which can occur anywhere in the body, in contrast to one localized at a sense organ …   English new terms dictionary

  • somatosensory — adjective of or relating to the somatosenses • Pertains to noun: ↑somatosense …   Useful english dictionary

  • somatosensory cortex — n either of two regions in the postcentral gyrus that receive and process somatosensory stimuli called also somatosensory area, somesthetic area …   Medical dictionary

  • Somatosensory amplification — (SA) is a tendency to perceive normal somatic and visceral sensations as being relatively intense, disturbing and noxious. It is a common feature of hypochondriasis and is commonly found with fibromyalgia, major depressive disorder, some anxiety… …   Wikipedia

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