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  • runted — To be extremely tired to the point of seeing double; inability to be coherent due to tiredness or other reasons. You were so runted this morning, all you did was say something that didn t have a vowel in it then rolled over and went back to sleep …   Dictionary of american slang

  • runted — tə̇d adjective : runty, stunted discarding the runted ears of corn …   Useful english dictionary

  • FOXP2 — ( forkhead box P2 ) is a gene that is implicated in the development of language skills,cite journal |author=Lai C, Fisher S, Hurst J, Levy E, Hodgson S, Fox M, Jeremiah S, Povey S, Jamison D, Green E, Vargha Khadem F, Monaco A |title=The SPCH1… …   Wikipedia

  • stunted — [adj] kept from growing bantam, diminutive, dwarf, dwarfed, dwarfish, halfpint*, little, measly, mite, peanut*, peewee*, pint sized*, runted, runtish, runty, scrub, short, shot, shrimp*, small, small fry*, tiny, undergrown, undersized, wee*, yea… …   New thesaurus

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