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  • reiv|er — «REE vuhr», noun. Scottish. reaver; robber; raider. ╂[ultimately < Old English rēafian to take by force. See related etym. at bereave (Cf. ↑bereave), rob. (Cf. ↑rob)] …   Useful english dictionary

  • reiver — reiv·er …   English syllables

  • rave — [reɪv] verb [I] I 1) to speak or write in a very enthusiastic way about something or someone The critics are raving about her performance.[/ex] 2) to talk in an angry and uncontrolled way II noun [C] rave [reɪv] a very large party where people… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • raven — [ˈreɪv(ə)n] noun [C] a large bird with shiny black feathers …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • Ravenshoe — /ˈreɪvənzhoʊ/ (say rayvuhnzhoh) noun a town in north eastern Qld on the Atherton Tableland …   Australian English dictionary

  • Ravensthorpe — /ˈreɪvənzθɔp/ (say rayvuhnzthawp) noun a town and former copper mining centre west of Esperance, WA …   Australian English dictionary

  • Ravenswood — /ˈreɪvənzwʊd/ (say rayvuhnzwood) noun a town in north eastern Qld, east of Charters Towers; goldfield discovered in 1868 …   Australian English dictionary

  • raver — /ˈreɪvə/ (say rayvuh) noun 1. someone or something that raves. 2. Colloquial a person who speaks extravagantly and wildly. 3. Colloquial an enthusiastic person, usually a young one, as a fan of a pop singer. 4. Colloquial a person who is intent… …   Australian English dictionary

  • rav·er — /ˈreıvɚ/ noun, pl ers [count] 1 : someone who goes to a rave 2 Brit : someone who goes to many parties …   Useful english dictionary

  • Rave — 〈[ rɛıv] m. 6 oder n. 15; Mus.〉 I 〈unz.〉 Ende der 1980er Jahre in England entstandener Musikstil, der klassischen Gitarrenpop mit schnellen Schlagzeugrhythmen u. Synthesizerklängen verbindet II 〈zählb.〉 große Tanzparty (bes. mit Technomusik) [zu… …   Universal-Lexikon

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