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  • Rebukingly — Re*buk ing*ly, adv. By way of rebuke. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • rebukingly — adverb In a rebuking manner …   Wiktionary

  • rebukingly — adv. reproachfully, reprovingly, scoldingly, with admonition …   English contemporary dictionary

  • rebukingly — adverb in the manner of someone delivering a rebuke * * * adverb Etymology: rebuking (present participle of rebuke) (I) + ly : in a rebuking manner * * * rebūkˈingly adverb • • • …   Useful english dictionary

  • rebuke — rebukable, adj. rebuker, n. rebukingly, adv. /ri byoohk /, v., rebuked, rebuking, n. v.t. 1. to express sharp, stern disapproval of; reprove; reprimand. n. 2. sharp, stern disapproval; reproof; reprimand. [1275 1325; ME rebuken (v.) < AF rebuker… …   Universalium

  • scoldingly — adv. reproachfully, rebukingly; while using abusive language …   English contemporary dictionary

  • rebuke — v. & n. reprove sharply; subject to protest or censure. n. 1 the act of rebuking. 2 the process of being rebuked. 3 a reproof. Derivatives: rebuker n. rebukingly adv. Etymology: ME f. AF & ONF rebuker (as RE , OF buchier beat, orig. cut… …   Useful english dictionary

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