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  • Rebreather — A fully closed circuit electronic rebreather (Ambient Pressure Diving Inspiration) Acronym CCUBA (Closed Circuit Underwater Breathing Apparatus); CCR (Closed circuit rebreather), SCR (Semi closed rebreather) Uses Breathing set …   Wikipedia

  • Rebreather — Der Begriff Kreislaufatemgerät, Kreislauftauchgerät oder englisch Rebreather bezeichnet Kreislaufgeräte, die für die Atmung beim Tauchen und als Atemschutzgeräte bei Feuerwehr, Katastrophenschutz, Militär usw. eingesetzt werden. Rebreather …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • rebreather — noun (Scuba diving) A breathing apparatus that recycles expelled air, removing carbon dioxide and allowing extended use of a supply …   Wiktionary

  • rebreather — noun an aqualung in which the diver s exhaled breath is partially purified of carbon dioxide, mixed with more oxygen, and then breathed again …   English new terms dictionary

  • rebreather — (ˈ)rē+ noun Etymology: re + breathe + er : an apparatus with face mask and gas supply forming a closed system from which one can breathe as long as the concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide remain within tolerable limits …   Useful english dictionary

  • rebreather bag/rebreather mask — A bag connected to an oxygen mask so that oxygen delivered at a fixed rate becomes mixed with a portion of the expired air, allowing the rebreathing of a portion of each expired breath. See economizer (i) …   Aviation dictionary

  • Non-rebreather mask — A non rebreather mask, or NRB, is a device used in medical emergencies that require oxygen therapy. An NRB requires that the patient can breathe unassisted, but unlike low flow nasal cannula, the NRB allows for the delivery of higher… …   Wikipedia

  • Siva (rebreather) — Siva is a model series of of frogman s rebreather made by Carleton Life Support. They are: * Siva S10 oxygen rebreather, dive duration 4 hours. Worn on the front of the chest. * Siva S24, usable as oxygen rebreather, or as a semi closed circuit… …   Wikipedia

  • Viper (rebreather) — Viper is a new make of electronic control closed circuit mixture rebreather made by [ VIPER.htm Carleton Life Support] It is designed for use by combat frogmen, and for diving to remove naval mines which… …   Wikipedia

  • Scuba set — A scuba diver in usual sport diving gear A scuba set is an independent breathing set that provides a scuba diver with the breathing gas necessary to breathe underwater during scuba diving. It is much used for sport diving and some sorts of work… …   Wikipedia

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