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  • Aubrite — Aubrites are meteorites named for Aubres, a small achondrite meteorite that fell near Nyons, France, in 1836. They are primarily composed of the orthopyroxene enstatite, and are often called enstatite achondrites. Their igneous origin separates… …   Wikipedia

  • aubrite — noun An achondrite composed mostly of enstatite …   Wiktionary

  • aubrite — ˈȯˌbrīt noun ( s) Etymology: Aubres, commune near Nyons, Dept. Drôme, France, where a meteorite containing it fell in 1836 + English ite : an achondrite containing enstatite …   Useful english dictionary

  • Aubrite (album) — Infobox Album | Name = Aubrite Type = Album Artist = Thomas Köner Released = 1995 Genre = Ambient Length = 49:02 Label = Barooni Producer = Thomas Köner Reviews = *Allmusic (4.0/5.0) [ sql=10:gjfwxqqhldde] …   Wikipedia

  • Meteorite fall — Witnessed Bolide Meteorite falls, also called observed falls, are those meteorites that were witnessed by people or automated devices as they moved through the atmosphere or hit the Earth, and were subsequently collected. All other meteorites are …   Wikipedia

  • Liste de chutes météoriques observées — Cet article recense la liste par ordre alphabétique des chutes météoriques observées et bien documentées. Les météorites sont des objets extraterrestres qui atteignent la surface de la Terre et qui ne sont pas exterminés à cet impact… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Achondrit — Achondrite (griech. ά (a ), ‚ohne‘ und χόνδρος (chondros), ‚Korn‘) sind Steinmeteorite, die im Gegensatz zu Chondriten keine oder nur wenige Chondren enthalten. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Abgrenzung 2 Entstehung 3 Aussehen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Nakhlit — Als Achondrite werden alle Steinmeteoriten klassifiziert, die keine Chondrite sind. Sie sind mit lediglich knapp acht Prozent Anteil an der Gesamtzahl aller Meteorite[1] recht selten, was vermutlich darauf zurückzuführen ist, dass die meisten… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Norton County (meteorite) — Norton County Type Achondrite Class Asteroidal achondrite Group Aubrite Country …   Wikipedia

  • 434 Hungaria — Minor Planet | name=434 Hungaria discoverer=Max Wolf discovery date=September 11, 1898 designations=1898 DR category=Main belt (Hungaria) epoch=30 January, 2005 (JD 2453400.5) semimajor=290.838 Gm (1.944 AU) perihelion=269.343 Gm (1.8 AU)… …   Wikipedia

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