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  • phleboclysis — Intravenous injection of an isotonic solution of dextrose or other substances in quantity. SYN: venoclysis. [phlebo + G. klysis, a washing out] drip p. intravenous injection of a liquid drop by …   Medical dictionary

  • phleboclysis — n. injection of a large quantity of material into a vein …   English contemporary dictionary

  • phleboclysis — |flebō+ noun Etymology: New Latin, from phleb + clysis : administration of a large volume of fluid intravenously …   Useful english dictionary

  • drip phleboclysis — slow phleboclysis phleboclysis in which the solution is instilled slowly, drop by drop …   Medical dictionary

  • venoclysis — SYN: phleboclysis. [veno + G. klysis, a washing out] * * * ve·noc·ly·sis vē näk lə səs n, pl ly·ses .sēz clysis into a vein * * * n. the continuous infusion into a vein of saline or other solution. * * * ve·noc·ly·sis (ve nokґlĭ sis) [veno + …   Medical dictionary

  • clysis — 1. An infusion of fluid, usually subcutaneously, for therapeutic purposes. 2. Formerly, a fluid enema; later, the washing out of material from any body space or cavity by fluids. [G. klysis, a drenching by a clyster] * * * cly·sis klī …   Medical dictionary

  • φλεβόκλυση — η, Ν ιατρ. ενδοφλέβια έγχυση μεγάλης ποσότητας υγρών. [ΕΤΥΜΟΛ. Αντιδάνεια λ., πρβλ. αγγλ. phleboclysis (< φλέβα + κλύση)] …   Dictionary of Greek

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