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  • parawing — ☆ parawing [par′ə wiŋ΄ ] n. [< PARA(CHUTE) + WING] a winglike, maneuverable parachute that can be steered over short distances to a specific landing site …   English World dictionary

  • parawing — /par euh wing /, n. Aerospace. paraglider. [1965 70; PARA 3 + WING] * * * …   Universalium

  • parawing — ˈparəˌˌ noun Etymology: para (as in parachute (I)) + wing : paraglider herein …   Useful english dictionary

  • History of hang gliding — Hang gliding is an air sport employing a foot launchable aircraft known as a hang glider. Typically, hang gliders are composed of an aluminium or composite framed fabric wing. The pilot is ensconced in a harness depending from the airframe, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Francis Rogallo — (born January 27, 1912) earned an aeronautical engineering degree at Stanford, 1935, and is credited with the invention of the flexible wing . His full name Francis M. Rogallo or Francis Melvin Rogallo is used in the literature. His patents… …   Wikipedia

  • NASA Paresev — Paresev Paresev 1 in landing, 1962 Role Flexible wing research glider Manufacturer …   Wikipedia

  • Kite types — Colorful delta wing kite Kites are tethered flying objects which fly by using aerodynamic lift, requiring wind, (or towing), for generation of airflow over the lifting surfaces. Contents 1 Kite …   Wikipedia

  • Kite — s. [ [ Flying High, Down Under] When the kite line broke, the kites still received tension from the very long kite line.] The anchor point of the kite line may be static or moving… …   Wikipedia

  • Big Gemini — Big G redirects here. Big G is also often used to refer to G, the gravitational constant Big Gemini (or Big G ) was proposed to NASA by McDonnell Douglas in August, 1969, as an advanced version of the Gemini spacecraft system. It was intended to… …   Wikipedia

  • Francis Rogallo — (Sanger, 27 janvier 1912 Outer Banks, 1er septembre 2009[1]) est un ingénieur aéronautique. Il a commencé sa carrière comme ingénieur au National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) en 1936. À la fin des années 1940 lors …   Wikipédia en Français

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