English syllables. 2014.

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  • ablepharon — ableph·a·ron (a″blefґə ron) cryptophthalmos …   Medical dictionary

  • ablepharus — ableph·a·rus …   English syllables

  • rus — ableph·a·rus; ac·an·thu·rus; ac·a·rus; ac·o·rus; ae·gag·rus; ae·lu·rus; aeto·sau·rus; ag·ri·o·choe·rus; ai·gi·a·lo·sau·rus; ai·lu·rus; alep·i·sau·rus; alop·e·cu·rus; am·ei·u·rus; am·i·u·rus; anom·a·lu·rus; an·thra·co·sau·rus; ap·a·to·sau·rus;… …   English syllables

  • A — A; ab·a·ca; ab·a·cis·cus; ab·a·cist; a; ab·a·cus; ab·a·lo·ne; ab·a·tis; ab·a·tised; ab·bre·vi·a·tion; ab·bre·vi·a·tor; ab·bre·vi·a·ture; ableph·a·rus; abrot·a·num; ab·sorb·a·bil·i·ty; abus·a·ble; ac·a·deme; ac·a·de·mia; ac·a·dem·i·cals;… …   English syllables

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