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  • mycetophagous — |mīsə|täfə̇gəs adjective Etymology: mycet + phagous : feeding on fungi : fungivorous mycetophagous insects are themselves fed upon Orlando Park …   Useful english dictionary

  • mycetophagous — adj. [Gr. mykes, fungus; phagein, to eat] Feeding on fungi; mycophagous; fungivorous …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • Beetle — Beetles redirects here. For the band, see The Beatles. For the car, see Volkswagen Beetle. This article is about the insect. For other uses, see Beetle (disambiguation). Beetle Temporal range: 318–0 Ma …   Wikipedia

  • Wendy Guey — from West Palm Beach, Florida, was the winner of the 1996 Scripps National Spelling Bee, when she was 12.cite news | url = | title = How do you spell victory? Vivisepulture : Girl wins national… …   Wikipedia

  • Aradidae — Taxobox name = Flat bugs regnum = Animalia phylum = Arthropoda classis = Insecta ordo = Hemiptera infraordo = Pentatomomorpha superfamilia = Aradoidea familia = Aradidae familia authority = Spinola , 1837 subdivision ranks = Subfamilies… …   Wikipedia

  • Limoniidae — Taxobox name = Limoniidae image caption = Limonia nubeculosa regnum = Animalia phylum = Arthropoda subphylum = Hexapoda classis = Insecta subclassis = Pterygota infraclassis = Neoptera superordo = Endopterygota| ordo = Diptera subordo =… …   Wikipedia

  • fungivorous — adj. [L. fungus, mushroom; vorare, to devour] Feeding on or devouring fungus mycelium; mycetophagous; mycophagous …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • mycophagous — adj. [Gr. mykes, fungus; phagein, to eat] Feeding on fungi; mycetophagous; fungivorous …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • mycetism —   n. fungus poisoning.    ♦ mycetoid,    ♦ mycetous, a. fungus like.    ♦ mycetophagous, a. eating fungi …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • fungivorous — |fən|jivərəs, |fəŋ|gi adjective Etymology: probably from (assumed) New Latin fungivorus, from New Latin fungi + Latin vorus vorous : feeding customarily on or in fungi : mycetophagous …   Useful english dictionary

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