English syllables. 2014.

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  • metaboly — lē noun ( es) Etymology: Greek metabolē, metabolia change, from metaballein to change : metamorphosis …   Useful english dictionary

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  • ero — ac·cel·ero·graph; cir·cum·ero·sion; ero·di·um; ero·genesis; ero·si·bil·i·ty; ero·si·ble; ero·sion; ero·sion·al; ero·sion·ist; ero·sive; ero·sive·ness; ero·to·genesis; ero·to·gen·ic; ero·to·ge·nic·i·ty; ero·to·ma·nia; ero·to·path;… …   English syllables

  • hemi — hemi·ple·gic; hemi·trope; hemi·typic; hemi·ballismus; hemi·benthonic; hemi·cellulosic; hemi·ce·phal·ic; hemi·chordate; hemi·cryptophytic; hemi·elytrum; hemi·he·dral·ly; hemi·he·dric; hemi·he·dry; hemi·hy·drated; hemi·kar·y·ot·ic; hemi·metabole;… …   English syllables

  • hemimetaboly — hemi·metaboly …   English syllables

  • het — che·che·het; het·er·aki·dae; het·er·a·kis; het·er·an·drous; het·er·an·gi·um; het·er·an·the·ra; het·er·atomic; het·er·auxesis; het·er·axial; het·er·ism; het·er·i·za·tion; het·ero·agglutinin; het·ero·autotroph; het·ero·autotrophic; het·ero·auxin;… …   English syllables

  • heterometaboly — het·ero·metaboly …   English syllables

  • holo — holo·axial; holo·baptist; holo·basidium; holo·benthic; holo·cellulose; holo·crystalline; holo·enzyme; holo·gamete; holo·gonidium; holo·gynic; holo·hemihedral; holo·hyaline; holo·mastigote; holo·metabola; holo·metabolic; holo·metabolism;… …   English syllables

  • holometaboly — holo·metaboly …   English syllables

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