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  • matrical — adjective Of, or pertaining to, a matrix …   Wiktionary

  • matrical — Relating to any matrix. SYN: matricial. * * * ma·tri·cal mā tri kəl adj of or relating to a matrix * * * mat·ri·cal (matґrĭ kəl) of or relating to a matrix …   Medical dictionary

  • matrical — adjective see matric I …   Useful english dictionary

  • matricial — SYN: matrical. * * * ma·tri·cial (mə trishґəl) matrical …   Medical dictionary

  • particle — 1. A very small piece or portion of anything. 2. An elementary p. such as a proton or electron. [L. particula, dim. of pars, part] alpha p. (α) a p. consisting of two neutrons and two protons, with a positive charge (2e+); emitted energetically… …   Medical dictionary

  • MADRIGAL — Le madrigal, pièce polyphonique d’inspiration profane, typique de la Renaissance italienne, est un genre poético musical qui dérive des chansons de troubadours. La forme utilise très librement un contrepoint savant chanté à plusieurs voix,… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • extramatrical — ex·tra·matrical …   English syllables

  • in — in·earth; in·ebri·a·tion; in·ebri·ety; in·ebri·ous; in·edible; in·ed·i·ta; in·edited; in·educabilia; in·educability; in·educable; in·education; in·ef·fa·bil·i·ty; in·ef·face·abil·i·ty; in·effaceable; in·effectuality; in·efficacious;… …   English syllables

  • intramatrical — in·tra·matrical …   English syllables

  • tra — in·tra·bi·on·tic; in·tra·cartilaginous; in·tra·cav·i·tar·i·ly; in·tra·cav·i·tary; in·tra·cellular; in·tra·cerebral; in·tra·cervical; in·tra·chordal; in·tra·cisternal; in·tra·city; in·tra·coastal; in·tra·company; in·tra·continental;… …   English syllables

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