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  • jugurthine — jüˈgərthə̇n, ˌthīn adjective Usage: usually capitalized Etymology: Latin jugurthinus, from Jugurtha died 104 B.C. king of Numidia defeated and captured by the Romans + Latin inus ine : of or relating to Jugurtha or his reign the Jugurthine War …   Useful english dictionary

  • Jugurthine War — Sulla Capturing Jugurtha Date 112 105 BC …   Wikipedia

  • Jugurtha — Jugurthine /jooh gerr thin, thuyn/, adj. /jooh gerr theuh/, n. died 104 B.C., king of Numidia 113 104. * * * born с 160 BC died 104, Rome Ruler of the North African kingdom of Numidia under the Romans (118–105 BC). After the death of his uncle… …   Universalium

  • Jugurtha — Jugurthine /jooh gerr thin, thuyn/, adj. /jooh gerr theuh/, n. died 104 B.C., king of Numidia 113 104 …   Useful english dictionary

  • Campaign history of the Roman military — This article is part of the series on: Military of ancient Rome (portal) 753 BC – AD 476 Structural history Roman army (unit types and ranks …   Wikipedia

  • Roman Republic — See also: Roman Republic (18th century) and Roman Republic (19th century) Roman Republic Official name (as on coins): Roma after ca. 100 BC: Senatus PopulusQue Romanus ( The Senate and People of Rome ) …   Wikipedia

  • Sallust — This article is about the historian. For the philosopher, see Sallustius. For other uses, see Sallust (disambiguation). Gaius Sallustius Crispus, generally known simply as Sallust (86 BC – 35 BC), a Roman historian, belonged to a well known… …   Wikipedia

  • Jugurtha — (ca. 160 ndash; 104 BC) was a Libyan King of Numidia, born in Cirta.BackgroundUntil the reign of Jugurtha s grandfather Masinissa, the people of Numidia were semi nomadic and indistinguishable from the other Libyans in North Africa. Masinissa… …   Wikipedia

  • Lucius Cornelius Sulla — This article is about the Roman dictator Sulla. For the Celtic goddess sometimes called Sulla, see Sulis. Lucius Cornelius Sulla Bust of Sulla in the Munich Glyptothek Dictator of the Roman …   Wikipedia

  • Timeline of ancient Rome — This is a Timeline of events concerning ancient Rome, from the city foundation until the last attempt of the Eastern Roman Empire to re conquer Rome.8th century BC* 753 BCndash Traditional date for the founding of Rome by Romulus; Rome as a… …   Wikipedia

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