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  • iodopyracet — A radiographic contrast medium formerly used for intravenous urography; also used to determine the renal plasma flow and the renal tubular excretory mass. SYN: diodone. * * * …   Medical dictionary

  • iodopyracet — īˌōdəˈpirəˌset, īˌäd noun ( s) Etymology: diiodo pyridone N acetic acid : a salt C8H19I2N2O3 administered intravenously in aqueous solution as a contrast medium for radiography especially of the urinary tract; the diethanolamine salt of 3,5… …   Useful english dictionary

  • diodone — SYN: iodopyracet. * * * di·o·done dī ə .dōn n IODOPYRACET …   Medical dictionary

  • flow — 1. To bleed from the uterus less profusely than in flooding. 2. The menstrual discharge. 3. Movement of a liquid or gas; specifically, the volume of liquid or gas passing a given point per unit of …   Medical dictionary

  • diodone — ˌdōn noun ( s) Etymology: irregular from diiod + pyridone : iodopyracet …   Useful english dictionary

  • Diodrast — ˈdīəˌdrast trademark used for iodopyracet …   Useful english dictionary

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