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  • iodophilic — adjective Binding to iodine, or containing starches that bind to iodine, and therefore detectable or identifiable by staining with iodine. Cellulose decomposition is associated with iodophilic bacteria (i.e. organisms which reveal starch like… …   Wiktionary

  • iodophilic — io·do·phil·ic ī .ōd ə fil ik, ī .äd also iodophile adj staining in a characteristic manner with iodine …   Medical dictionary

  • iodophilic — adjective see iodophile I …   Useful english dictionary

  • iodophilia — noun The property of being iodophilic: an affinity for iodine, such as is demonstrated by the white blood cells of people with certain medical conditions …   Wiktionary

  • iodophile — io·do·phile ī ōd ə .fīl, äd n one (as a cell) that is iodophilic …   Medical dictionary

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