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  • iodocasein — A compound of iodine with casein, in which the iodine is attached to tyrosine molecules; possesses thyroxine activity. * * * io·do·ca·sein ī .ōd ə kā sēn, ī .äd , kā sē ən n IODINATED CASEIN …   Medical dictionary

  • iodocasein — “+ noun : iodinated casein …   Useful english dictionary

  • iodinated casein — io·din·at·ed casein ī ə də .nāt əd n an iodine containing preparation that is made from casein, resembles the thyroid hormone in physiological activity, and is used in animal feeds (as to increase milk production of cows) called also iodocasein …   Medical dictionary

  • thyroactive — |thīrō+ adjective Etymology: thyr + active 1. : capable of entering into the thyroid metabolism and of being incorporated into the thyroid hormone thyroactive iodine 2. : simulating the action of the thyroid hormone thyroactive iodocasein …   Useful english dictionary

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