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  • imbecilely — See imbecile. * * * …   Universalium

  • imbecilely — əl(l)]ē, il(l)], īll], ēll], ]i adverb : in an imbecile manner …   Useful english dictionary

  • imbecile — imbecilely, adv. /im beuh sil, seuhl/ or, esp. Brit., / seel /, n. 1. Psychol. a person of the second order in a former classification of mental retardation, above the level of idiocy, having a mental age of seven or eight years and an… …   Universalium

  • imbecile — /ˈɪmbəsil / (say imbuhseel), / saɪl/ (say suyl) noun 1. a silly person; a fool. 2. Psychiatry Obsolescent a person of defective mentality above the grade of idiocy. –adjective 3. relating to or like an imbecile. 4. silly; absurd. 5. Obsolete… …   Australian English dictionary

  • imbecile — n. & adj. n. 1 a person of abnormally weak intellect, esp. an adult with a mental age of about five. 2 colloq. a stupid person. adj. mentally weak; stupid, idiotic. Derivatives: imbecilely adv. imbecilic adj. imbecility n. (pl. ies). Etymology: F …   Useful english dictionary

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