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  • holidic — häˈlidik, hōˈ adjective Etymology: hol + idic (as in meridic herein) : having the active constituents chemically defined holidic diets compare meridic herein oligidic herein …   Useful english dictionary

  • holidic — adj. [Gr. holos, whole; idios, distinct] Said of a medium that has exactly known chemical constituents other than purified inert materials before compounding; a defined medium …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • meridic — məˈridik adjective Etymology: Greek merid , meris part + English ic; akin to Greek meros part more at merit : having some but not all active constituents chemically defined insects reared on a meridic diet compare holidic …   Useful english dictionary

  • oligidic — ˌäləˈgidik, ˌōl , ˈji adjective Etymology: olig + idic (as in meridic herein) : having the active constituents with the exception of water undefined chemically oligidic growth medium compare holidic herein meridic herein …   Useful english dictionary

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