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  • holdable — adjective That may be held (in all senses) …   Wiktionary

  • holdable — ˈhōldəbəl adjective : capable of being held : of a size or character that makes holding convenient or desirable …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cursor (databases) — In computer science and technology, a database cursor is a control structure that enables traversal over the records in a database. Cursors facilitate subsequent processing in conjunction with the traversal, such as retrieval, addition and… …   Wikipedia

  • Zombie Master — is a multiplayer Half Life 2 modification centered around a zombie apocalypse. Zombie Master incorporates Real time Strategy elements for one zombie master player while the other players continue to use a First person Shooter style of play. The… …   Wikipedia

  • List of premodern combat weapons — Premodern combat weapons include include both ranged weapons and mêlée weapons weapons which, in general, existed before the invention of the true flintlock gun around 1610, or until the 1700 s for incendiary weaponscite book | title=Weapon: A… …   Wikipedia

  • hold — hold1 holdable, adj. /hohld/, v., held; held or (Archaic) holden; holding; n. v.t. 1. to have or keep in the hand; keep fast; grasp: She held the purse in her right hand. He held the child s hand in his. 2. to set aside; reserve or retain: to… …   Universalium

  • Tippi — (cuyo nombre verdadero es Lady Timpani) es un Pixl del videojuego de Wii: Super Paper Mario. Ella se encuentra con Mario al principio del juego, teletransportándolo a Flipside para enfrentar su destino como héroe ante Merlon. Ella ayuda a Mario… …   Wikipedia Español

  • hold — hold1 verb (past and past participle held) 1》 grasp, carry, or support. 2》 keep in a specified position: I held the door open for him.     ↘remain secure or intact: the boat s anchor would not hold. 3》 keep or detain.     ↘have in one s… …   English new terms dictionary

  • defensible — adj 1. invulnerable, impregnable, impenetrable, secure, safe, holdable; unattackable, unas saultable, unassailable; fortified, armed, ironclad, bulletproof, shellproof, bombproof. 2. justifiable, vindicable, defendable, supportable; tenable,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • memorable — adj 1. unforgettable, not to be forgotten, not soon forgotten; signal, red letter, illustrious, famous, historic, important, great, eventful, momentous, significant, consequential, crucial, critical; notable, noteworthy, remarkable, outstanding,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

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