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  • Helicity — The term helicity has several meanings in physics, all referring (perhaps obliquely) to a phenomenon that resembles a helix. See:*helicity (fluid mechanics) *helicity (particle physics) *magnetic helicity *circular dichroismIn biochemistry,… …   Wikipedia

  • helicity — he·lic·i·ty hē lis ət ē n, pl ties 1) the quality or state of being helical <the degree of helicity in a protein> 2) the amount or degree of helical curve <a prediction of helicity from the amino acid sequence> …   Medical dictionary

  • helicity — spirališkumas statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. helicity vok. Helizität, f; Spiralität, f rus. спиральность, f pranc. hélicité, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • helicity — noun a) The quality of being helical. b) The quantized spin component of a moving particle …   Wiktionary

  • helicity — [hi: lɪsɪti] noun 1》 chiefly Biochemistry helical character, especially of DNA. 2》 Physics a combination of the spin and the linear motion of a subatomic particle …   English new terms dictionary

  • helicity — heˈlisə̇d.ē, hə̇ noun ( es) Etymology: helic + ity 1. : the motion of a particle about an axis parallel to its direction of motion 2. : the component of the spin of a particle in its direction of motion measured in quantum units of spin 3 …   Useful english dictionary

  • Helicity (fluid mechanics) — this page is about helicity in fluid mechanics. For helicity of magnetic fields, see magnetic helicity. For helicity in particle physics, see helicity (particle physics). In fluid mechanics, helicity is the extent to which corkscrew like motion… …   Wikipedia

  • Helicity (particle physics) — In particle physics, helicity is the projection of the spin vec S onto the direction of momentum, hat p ::h = vec Scdot hat p,qquad hat p = vec p / |vec p|Because the spin with respect to an axis has discrete values, helicity is discrete, too.… …   Wikipedia

  • Helicity basis — In the Standard Model, using quantum field theory it is conventional to use the helicity basis to simplify calculations (of cross sections, for example). In this basis, the spin is quantized along the axis in the direction of motion of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Magnetic helicity — In plasma physics, magnetic helicity is the extent to which a magnetic field wraps around itself . It is a generalization of the topological concept of linking number to the differential quantities required to describe the magnetic field. As with …   Wikipedia

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