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  • gnath- — ⇒GNATH(O) , (GNATH , GNATHO )élém. formant Élém. formant tiré du gr. « mâchoire » et entrant dans la constr. d un certain nombre de mots savants. I. Forme gnath A. Adj. [Le 2e élém. est un suff. issu du lat.] : gnathique (gnath + ique) , méd. «… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • gnath... — gnath..., Gnath... vgl. ↑gnatho..., Gnatho …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

  • gnath|ic — «NATH ihk», adjective. of or having to do with the jaw. ╂[< Greek gnáthos jaw + English ic] …   Useful english dictionary

  • gnath- — combining form or gnatho Etymology: New Latin, from Greek gnath , from gnathos; akin to Greek genys jaw more at chin : jaw gnathitis …   Useful english dictionary

  • gnath- — See gnatho . * * * (gnatho ) prefix denoting the jaw. Example: gnathoplasty (plastic surgery of) …   Medical dictionary

  • gnath(o)- — [Gr. gnathos jaw] a combining form denoting relationship to the jaw …   Medical dictionary

  • gnath — o, «us (G). The jaw …   Dictionary of word roots and combining forms

  • gnath- — gnatho combining form denoting the jaw. gnathoplasty plastic surgery of …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • cyn|o|gnath|us — «SIHN uh NATH uhs», noun. a prehistoric reptile with differentiated teeth and skull and legs much like those of a mammal. ╂[< New Latin Cynognathus the genus name < Greek kýōn, kynós dog + gnáthos jaw] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Гнат- (Gnath-), Гнато (Gnatho-) — приставка, обозначающая челюсть. Например: гнатопластика (gnathoplasty) пластическое восстановление челюсти. Источник: Медицинский словарь …   Медицинские термины

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