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  • finitist — noun A proponent of finitism …   Wiktionary

  • finitist — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Finitism — In the philosophy of mathematics, finitism is an extreme form of constructivism, according to which a mathematical object does not exist unless it can be constructed from natural numbers in a finite number of steps. In her book Philosophy of Set… …   Wikipedia

  • History of logic — Philosophy ( …   Wikipedia

  • Universe (mathematics) — In mathematical logic, the universe of a structure (or model ) is its domain.In mathematics, and particularly in applications to set theory and the foundations of mathematics, a universe or universal class (or if a set, universal set – not to be… …   Wikipedia

  • Ordinary mathematics — In the philosophy of mathematics, ordinary mathematics is an inexact term, used to distinguish the body of most mathematical work from that of, for example, constructivist, intuitionist, or finitist mathematics. Ordinary mathematics is usually… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive recursive arithmetic — Primitive recursive arithmetic, or PRA, is a quantifier free formalization of the natural numbers. It was first proposed by Skolem [Thoralf Skolem (1923) The foundations of elementary arithmetic in Jean van Heijenoort, translator and ed. (1967)… …   Wikipedia

  • Georg Cantor — Infobox Scientist name = Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Cantor image width=225px caption = birth date = birth date|1845|3|3 birth place = Saint Petersburg, Russia death date = death date and age|1918|1|6|1845|3|3 death place = Halle, Germany residence =… …   Wikipedia

  • Intuitionism — This article is about Intuitionism in mathematics and philosophical logic. For other uses, see Ethical intuitionism. In the philosophy of mathematics, intuitionism, or neointuitionism (opposed to preintuitionism), is an approach to mathematics as …   Wikipedia

  • Actual infinity — is the idea that numbers, or some other type of mathematical object, can form an actual, completed totality; namely, a set. Hence, in the philosophy of mathematics, the abstraction of actual infinity involves the acceptance of infinite entities,… …   Wikipedia

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