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  • ethidium — ethid·i·um …   English syllables

  • ethidium — SYN: homidium bromide. * * * ethid·i·um (ə thidґe əm) a fluorochrome that intercalates across double stranded nucleic acids, particularly DNA. Its bromide salt is used to detect DNA after electrophoresis or in cytochemical preparations …   Medical dictionary

  • ethidium bromide — A sensitive fluorochrome that binds to DNA; used in cytochemistry and electrophoresis. * * * ethid·ium bromide e thid ē əm n a fluorescent mutagenic biological dye C21H20BrN3 that is used esp. to stain nucleic acids …   Medical dictionary

  • um — abe·ce·dar·i·um; ab·sin·thi·um; acan·tho·cyb·i·um; ac·a·ri·nar·i·um; ac·a·ro·ce·cid·i·um; acera·the·ri·um; ach·ro·ma·ti·um; acon·ti·um; ac·ri·din·i·um; ac·ro·tar·si·um; ac·tin·i·um; ac·ti·no·sphae·ri·um; ac·ti·no·trich·i·um; ac·ti·no·ura·ni·um;… …   English syllables

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