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  • Espringal — Es*prin gal, n. [See {Springal}.] (Mil. Antiq.) An engine of war used for throwing viretons, large stones, and other missiles; a springal. [1913 Webster] || …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • espringal — ə̇ˈspriŋəl noun ( s) Etymology: Middle French espringale more at springald (military engine) : springald …   Useful english dictionary

  • springald — or springal noun Etymology: probably from Middle English, a kind of catapult, from Anglo French espringal Date: 1501 archaic ; a young man ; stripling …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Early thermal weapons — were devices or substances used in warfare during the classical and medieval periods (approx 8th century BC until the mid 16th century AD) which used heat or burning action to destroy or damage enemy personnel, fortifications or territories.… …   Wikipedia

  • spring — 1. verb /sprɪŋ/ a) To start to exist. Sometimes the ideas spring to life fully formed. b) To jump or leap. He sprang up from his seat. Syn …   Wiktionary

  • es|pring|al — «ehs PRIHNG uhl», noun. a military engine used in medieval times for throwing stones, bolts, or other missiles; catapult; springald: »... in the espringal fix the brass winged arrows (Robert Southey). ╂[< Old French espringalle < espringer… …   Useful english dictionary

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