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  • aiver — noun or aver ˈāvər ( s) Etymology: Middle English aver, aveyr property, goods, from Middle French aver, aveir, from Old French, from aver, aveir to have, from Latin habēre more at habit now chiefly Scotland : a draft animal; …   Useful english dictionary

  • Activities prohibited on Shabbat — Main article: Shabbat See also: Shomer Shabbat and Rabbinically prohibited activities of Shabbat The commandment to keep Shabbat as a day of rest is repeated many times in the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible. (See for example Exodus 31:12 17 quoted …   Wikipedia

  • Theyyam — The Theyyam or Theyyattam is a popular ritual dance of north Kerala, south India, particularly presented in the Kolathunadu (of the present Kannur and Kasargod districts). As a living cult with centuries old traditions, ritual and custom, it… …   Wikipedia

  • Aix — noun wood duck and mandarin duck • Syn: ↑genus Aix • Hypernyms: ↑bird genus • Member Holonyms: ↑Anatidae, ↑family Anatidae • Member Meronyms: ↑wo …   Useful english dictionary

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