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  • Didascaly — Didascaly, Greek Antiquity [modern ad. Greek διδασκαλία instruction, teaching; in plural as in quotation. So modern French didascalie.][1] 1. In The Catalogues of the ancient Greek Dramas, with their writers, dates, etc., such as were compiled by …   Wikipedia

  • didascaly — ▪ literature       the instruction or training of the chorus in ancient Greek drama. The word is from the Greek didaskalía, “teaching or instruction.” The Greek plural noun didaskaliai (“instructions”) came to refer to records of dramatic… …   Universalium

  • didascaly — dīˈdaskəlē, də̇ˈ noun ( es) Etymology: Greek didaskalia, literally, teaching, instruction, from didaskalos + ia y : any of various catalogs of Greek drama with names of authors and dates in the form of the original inscriptions or as later… …   Useful english dictionary

  • didascalic — |dīˌda|skalik, īdə| , |didə| adjective Etymology: Late Latin didascalicus, from Greek didaskalikos, from didaskalos teacher (from didaskein to teach) + ikos ic more at docile 1. archaic : intended to teach (as a moral lesson) : moralistic …   Useful english dictionary

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