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  • dextrorotation — [deks΄trōrō tā′shən] n. dextrorotatory direction or movement * * * dex·tro·ro·ta·tion (dĕk strə rō tāʹshən) n. A turning to the right. Used especially of the plane of polarization of light. * * * …   Universalium

  • dextrorotation — [deks΄trōrō tā′shən] n. dextrorotatory direction or movement …   English World dictionary

  • dextrorotation — dešininis sukimasis statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. clockwise rotation; dextrorotation vok. Rechtsdrehung, f rus. правое вращение, n pranc. dextrogyration, f; rotation droite, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • dextrorotation — A turning or twisting to the right; especially, the clockwise twist given the plane of plane polarized light by solutions of certain optically active substances. Cf.:levorotation. * * * dex·tro·ro·ta·tion .dek strə rō tā shən n right handed or… …   Medical dictionary

  • dextrorotation — n. turn to the right, spin to the right …   English contemporary dictionary

  • dextrorotation — /ˌdɛkstroʊroʊˈteɪʃən/ (say .dekstrohroh tayshuhn) noun a turning of the plane of polarisation of light to the right …   Australian English dictionary

  • dextrorotation — noun rotation to the right • Syn: ↑clockwise rotation • Ant: ↑levorotation • Hypernyms: ↑rotation, ↑revolution, ↑gyration * * * “+ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Dextrorotation and levorotation — (also spelled laevorotation)[1] refer, respectively, to the properties of rotating plane polarized light clockwise (for dextrorotation) or counterclockwise (for levorotation), seen by an observer whom the light is approaching. A compound with… …   Wikipedia

  • Levorotation and dextrorotation — Dextrorotation and levorotation (also spelled laevorotation)The first word component comes from Latin word for right (as opposed to left) . Laevo or levo comes from the Latin for left. ] refer, respectively, to the properties of rotating plane… …   Wikipedia

  • dextrorotatory — dextrorotation /dek stroh roh tay sheuhn/, n. /dek stroh roh teuh tawr ee, tohr ee/, adj. Optics. turning to the right, as the rotation to the right of the plane of polarization of light in certain crystals and the like. Symbol: d Also,… …   Universalium

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