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  • bronchospirometry — Use of a bronchospirometer to measure ventilatory function of each lung separately. * * * bron·cho·spi·rom·e·try .bräŋ kō spī räm ə trē n, pl tries independent measurement of the vital capacity of each lung by means of a spirometer in direct… …   Medical dictionary

  • bronchospirometry — | ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷+ noun ( es) Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary bronch + spirometry : independent measurement of the vital capacity of each lung by means of a spirometer in direct continuity with one of the primary bronchi …   Useful english dictionary

  • differential bronchospirometry — measurement of the function of each lung separately …   Medical dictionary

  • bronchoscopic spirometry — bronchospirometry …   Medical dictionary

  • Tube — A long hollow cylinder. There are many tube like structures in the human body, such as the auditory tube (Eustachian tube) in the ear. * * * 1. A hollow cylindrical structure or canal. 2. A hollow cylinder or pipe. SYN: tuba [TA]. [L. tubus]… …   Medical dictionary

  • bronchospirography — Use of a single lumen endobronchial tube for measurement of ventilatory function of one lung. [broncho + L. spiro, to breathe, + G. grapho, to write] * * * bron·cho·spi·rog·ra·phy (brong″ko spi rogґrə fe) the recording of… …   Medical dictionary

  • bronchospirometer — A rare device for measurement of rates and volumes of air flow into each lung separately, using a double lumen endobronchial tube. [broncho + L. spiro, to breathe, + G. metron, measure] * * * bron·cho·spi·rom·e·ter (brong″ko spi romґə… …   Medical dictionary

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