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  • brocked — ˈbräkit adjective Etymology: earlier Scots brokit, probably alteration of brukit streaked with black, from Middle English (Scots) brukit, brukyd more at brooked 1. chiefly Scotland, of an animal : striped or spotted with black and white 2.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • brockit — brocked or brockˈit adjective (Scot) Variegated, esp black and white • • • Main Entry: ↑brock …   Useful english dictionary

  • Free writing — term applied to a technique used by mainly prose writers or teachers of writing. It refers to a method by which a writer can overcome blocks ofapathy and self criticism to produce a raw, but often unusable material. Definition Based on the… …   Wikipedia

  • brockle-face — ˈbräkəlˌfās noun Etymology: obs English dialect brockle (alteration of English dialect brocked) + English face : an animal having blotches of colored hair on an otherwise white face …   Useful english dictionary

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