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  • twitchel — noun A narrow alleyway between houses; a ginnel. He caught her hand impulsively, and they went along the narrow twitchel …   Wiktionary

  • twitchel — I. ˈtwichəl noun ( s) Etymology: Middle English twychel, alteration of twychen, from Old English twicen fork in a road; akin to Old English twi more at twi dialect England : a path between hedges II …   Useful english dictionary

  • East Midlands English — Modern boundaries of the English East Midlands. East Midlands English is a dialect traditionally spoken in those parts of English Midlands lying East of Watling Street (the A5 London Shrewsbury Road). Today this area is represented by the… …   Wikipedia

  • Jimmy Durante — Dans Broadway to Hollywood (1933) Données clés Naissance …   Wikipédia en Français

  • gennel — noun A ginnel. Syn: snicket, twitchel …   Wiktionary

  • twitten — ˈtwitən noun ( s) Etymology: perhaps alteration of Middle English twichen more at twitchel dialect England : a narrow lane …   Useful english dictionary

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