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  • tribromoethanol — [trī brō΄mō eth′ə nôl΄, trī brō΄mō eth′ənōl΄] n. [< TRI + BROMO + ETHANOL] a colorless, crystalline bromine derivative of ethyl alcohol, CBr3CH2OH, used as a basal anesthetic …   English World dictionary

  • tribromoethanol — /truy broh moh eth euh nawl , nol /, n. Pharm. a white, crystalline powder, C2H3Br3O, used as a basal anesthetic. [TRI + BROMO + ETHANOL] * * * …   Universalium

  • tribromoethanol — noun An anaesthetic now mainly used in laboratory animals …   Wiktionary

  • tribromoethanol — tri·bro·mo·eth·a·nol .trī .brō mō eth ə .nȯl, .nōl n a crystalline bromine derivative C2H3Br3O of ethyl alcohol used as a basal anesthetic …   Medical dictionary

  • tribromoethanol — n. white crystalline substance used as an anaesthetic (Chemistry, Pharmacology) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • tribromoethanol — /ˌtraɪbroʊmoʊˈɛθənɒl/ (say .truybrohmoh ethuhnol) noun a colourless crystalline compound, CBr3CH2OH, formerly used as an anaesthetic …   Australian English dictionary

  • tribromoethanol — noun an intravenous anesthetic • Syn: ↑tribromoethyl alcohol • Hypernyms: ↑intravenous anesthetic * * * (ˈ)trī|brōmō+ noun Etymology: tribrom + ethanol : a crystalline bromine derivative CBr3CH2OH of ethyl alcohol used as a basal anesthetic… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Bromethanole — Name 2 Bromethanol 2,2 Dibromethanol 2,2,2 Tribromethanol Andere Namen Ethylenbromhydrin Avertin® Strukturformel …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • tribromoethyl alcohol — noun an intravenous anesthetic • Syn: ↑tribromoethanol • Hypernyms: ↑intravenous anesthetic * * * “+ noun Etymology: tribromoethyl from tribrom + ethyl : tribromoethanol …   Useful english dictionary

  • Avertin — ˈavərtə̇n, əˈvərtən trademark used for tribromoethanol * * * /euh verr tin/, Pharm., Trademark. a brand of tribromoethanol. * * * ‖ avertin1 (avɛrtɛ̃, ˈævətɪn) [Fr. (13th c. avertin, auvertin, 16th c. advertin), f. avertir to turn away, avert.] a …   Useful english dictionary

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