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  • tolylenediamine — “+ noun Etymology: tolylene + diamine : any of six isomeric crystalline bases CH3C6H3(NH2)2 derived from toluene of which some are used as dye intermediates: as a. : an isomer obtained by reduction of dinitrotoluene (sense a); toluene 2,4 diamine …   Useful english dictionary

  • meta-tolylenediamine — noun see tolylenediamine …   Useful english dictionary

  • para-tolylenediamine — noun see tolylenediamine …   Useful english dictionary

  • bismarck brown — ˈbizˌ , ˈbiˌsm noun Etymology: translation of German bismarckbraun, after Prince Otto von Bismarck Schönhausen 1. often capitalized 1st B : a moderate yellowish brown that is yellower and very slightly stronger than cinnamon brown, darker and… …   Useful english dictionary

  • toluylene blue — noun Usage: often capitalized T&B : an indamine dye derived from tolylenediamine (sense a) and used as an oxidation reduction indicator and biological stain …   Useful english dictionary

  • tolylene diisocyanate — noun : any of six isomeric esters CH3C6H3(NCO)2 of isocyanic acid or a mixture of them; especially : a liquid isomer made by reaction of tolylenediamine (sense a) and phosgene and used by itself or in a mixture with another meta isomer in making… …   Useful english dictionary

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