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  • Thag — might mean* Thag the source of the word thug in English *Thag the name for the strings of a dramyin a Himalayan lute* Bir Bahadur Thagunna, a Nepalese politician * Thagoona, Queensland, a suburb of a city in Australia * Thagoona railway station,… …   Wikipedia

  • thag — thag, thagi var. thug, thuggee …   Useful english dictionary

  • Thag — Thugs und Giftmörder Darstellung aus dem Jahr 1857 Die Thuggee (auch Thugs; von Hindi thag bzw. Sanskrit sthaga: Gauner) waren in Gruppen organisierte Verbrecher in Indien. Ihre Masche war es, das Vertrauen Reisender zu erwerben, und diese dann… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Py|thag|o|re|an|ism — «pih THAG uh REE uh nihz uhm», noun. the doctrines of philosophy originated by Pythagoras, often especially with reference to the doctrine of transmigration of souls …   Useful english dictionary

  • Py|thag|o|re|an — «pih THAG uh REE uhn», adjective, noun. –adj. of or having to do with Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher, religious teacher, and mathematician, his teachings, or his followers. –n. a follower of Pythagoras …   Useful english dictionary

  • Sino-Indian War — Part of Cold War …   Wikipedia

  • Los Estranguladores — Los Estranguladores[1] fue una red de fraternidades secretas algunas veces descritas como la primera mafia del mundo que operó en la India desde la Edad Media hasta la década de 1830.[1] thuggee [zaguí], en inglés[2 …   Wikipedia Español

  • Events leading to the Sino-Indian War — A long series of events triggered the Sino Indian War in 1962. While the root of the controversy was the Tibet issue according to John W. Garver and numerous Chinese sources. The Indian Forward Policy and the failure of negotiations was also… …   Wikipedia

  • o — abi·o·log·i·cal; ab·o·li·tion; ab·o·li·tion·ary; ab·o·li·tion·dom; ab·o·li·tion·ism; ab·o·li·tion·ist; ab·o·li·tion·ize; ab·o·ma·sal; ab·o·ma·sum; ac·an·thol·o·gy; ac·an·thop·o·dous; acar·i·dol·o·gist; ac·a·ri·nol·o·gy; acar·i·o·sis;… …   English syllables

  • Anussati — (Pāli; Sanskrit: Anusmriti) means recollection, contemplation, remembrance, meditation and mindfulness. [ [ bin/philologic/ Rhys Davids Stede (1921 5), p. 45] ; Fischer Schreiber et al …   Wikipedia

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