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  • supracaudal — “+ adjective Etymology: supra + caudal : situated above the tail used especially of the pygal and suprapygal bones and corresponding horny shields of a turtle s carapace …   Useful english dictionary

  • supracaudal luminous gland — a long median photophore on top of the caudal peduncle behind the adipose fin in Myctophidae …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Testudo graeca —   Tortuga mora …   Wikipedia Español

  • Testudo hermanni —   Tortuga mediterránea …   Wikipedia Español

  • Testudo horsfieldii —   Tortuga rusa …   Wikipedia Español

  • Testudo marginata —   Tortuga Marginada …   Wikipedia Español

  • Scute — A scute or scutum (Latin scutum , plural: scuta shield ) is a horny, chitinous, or bony external plate or scale, as on the shell of a turtle, the skin of crocodiles, or the feet of some birds. They are similar to scales, but unlike the scales of… …   Wikipedia

  • Violet gland — The violet gland or supracaudal gland is an important gland located on the upper surface of the tail of certain mammals, including European badgers and canids such as foxes, wolves and the domestic dog [… …   Wikipedia

  • Indian Star Tortoise — Taxobox name = Indian Star Tortoise status = LR/lc | status system = IUCN2.3 image2 caption = Tortoise at the Houston Zoo regnum = Animalia phylum = Chordata classis = Sauropsida ordo = Testudines subordo = Cryptodira superfamilia = Testudinoidea …   Wikipedia

  • Indotestudo elongata — Taxobox | name = Elongated Tortoise status = EN status system = iucn2.3 status ref = [IUCN2006|assessors=Asian Turtle Trade Working Group|year=2000|id=10824|title=Indotestudo elongata|downloaded=11 May 2006 Listed as Endangered (EN A1cd+2cd… …   Wikipedia

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