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  • styp — interj., stỹp NdŽ 1. kartojant nusakomas ėjimas dideliais žingsniais: Didžiausias rudas katinas styp styp nuo durų ir palindo po stalo Žem. Karalaitė iš karsto atsikėlė, tiktai styp styp styp tiesiog i bėga pas jį (ps.) Rdd. Styp styp ir eina… …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

  • styp — 1) , h, t (G). Astringent 2) , o, «us (G). A stump, stem …   Dictionary of word roots and combining forms

  • styp|ti|cal — «STIHP tuh kuhl», adjective. = styptic. (Cf. ↑styptic) …   Useful english dictionary

  • styp|tic|i|ty — «stihp TIHS uh tee», noun. the property of being styptic; astringency …   Useful english dictionary

  • styp|tic — «STIHP tihk», adjective, noun. –adj. able to stop or check bleeding; astringent. –n. something that stops or checks bleeding by contracting the tissue. Alum is a common styptic. ╂[< Latin stypticus < Greek st ós < stýphein to constrict] …   Useful english dictionary

  • styp stagarai — interj., styp stagaraĩ Kltn raginant stotis (vaiką): Styp stagarai – gana besėdėti! DūnŽ …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

  • styptic — styp•tic [[t]ˈstɪp tɪk[/t]] adj. Also, styp′ti•cal. 1) med serving to contract organic tissue; astringent; binding 2) med serving to check hemorrhage or bleeding, as a drug; hemostatic 3) pha a styptic agent or substance • Etymology: 1350–1400;… …   From formal English to slang

  • stypsis — styp·sis (stipґsis) [Gr. “contraction”] the action or application of a styptic …   Medical dictionary

  • Stypven — Styp·ven (stipґvən) trademark for a preparation of Russell s viper venom; used as a hemostatic agent. See also under test …   Medical dictionary

  • Stypsis — Styp|sis [st..., ʃt...] die; <nach gr. stýpsis »das Zusammenziehen, das Dicht , Festmachen« zu stýphein »zusammenziehen, dicht , festmachen«> Blutstillung (Med.) …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

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