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  • Risus — Risus: The Anything RPG is a rules light generic role playing game (RPG) written, designed and illustrated by S. John Ross of Cumberland Games and Diversions.cite web| url=http://www.gamegrene.com/node/113|title=The Homebrew Review, #2: Risus|… …   Wikipedia

  • Risus — Risus: Das alles geht Rollenspiel (Originaltitel Risus: The Anything RPG) ist ein regelarmes generisches Pen Paper Rollenspielsystem. Es wurde von S. John Ross geschrieben und illustriert und kann derzeit auf den Webseiten seines… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • risus — /rīˈsəs or rēˈsŭs/ noun 1. A laugh 2. A grin ORIGIN: L rīsus, ūs laugh • • • risus sardonicus /sär donˈik əs or ŭsˈ/ noun (pathology) A sardonic grin, or drawing back of the corners of the mouth by spasm of the muscles, as in tetanus …   Useful english dictionary

  • Risus — (lat.), das Lachen. Risum teneātis amīci! Freunde, haltet das Lachen, R. sardonĭus, 1) s. Sardonisches Lachen; 2) so v.w. Krampflachen …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • Risus — Risus, lat., das Lachen; risum teneatis amici! lat., verhaltet das Lachen, Freunde! …   Herders Conversations-Lexikon

  • risus — Laughter. [laughter] r. caninus (ri′sus ka ni′nus) the semblance of a grin caused by facial spasm, seen especially in tetanus but also in some kinds of poisoning. SYN: canine spasm, r. sardonicus, sardonic grin, trismus sardonicus. [L. r., laugh… …   Medical dictionary

  • Risus Suit Hotel — (Алания,Турция) Категория отеля: Адрес: Oba gol mevkii dadaslar cad 17 sk. no:16 , 0 …   Каталог отелей

  • Risus sardonicus — is a highly characteristic, abnormal, sustained spasm of the facial muscles that is most often observed as a symptom of tetanus. The name of the condition derives from the appearance of raised eyebrows and an evil, open grin that it gives to its… …   Wikipedia

  • Risus Otel — (Бозджаада,Турция) Категория отеля: Адрес: Cumhuriyet Mah.Şükran Sokak no.4 BOZCAADA, 17 …   Каталог отелей

  • RISUS fimulachrum — ut Dei, Lycurgum apud Lacedaemonios erexisse, testis est Plutarchus. Putabat enim ille, Risum laboris et modesti victus esse condimentum. Hypatenses Thessali huic Deo quotannis rem divinam, in summa laeitia, faciebant. Eidem sacrum diem multis… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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